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Synonyms with D

Synonyms for Depart Published on 2011-03-11 by natttt
go, go away or out or from or off, leave, quit, retire, retreat, withdraw, exit, set out or forth or off, decamp, abscond, fly, cut and run,...
Synonyms for Degenerate Published on 2011-03-11 by jeremias
decline, deteriorate, decay, sink, worsen, backslide, regress, retrogress, weaken, go to the dogs, go to rack and ruin, go to pot, debased, ...
Synonyms for Decline Published on 2011-03-11 by natttt
declivity, (downward) slope or slant, descent, downgrade, incline, deteriorate, degenerate, worsen, fail...
Synonyms for Drawn Published on 2011-03-11 by jeremias
haggard, worn out, tired, fatigued, strained, pinched, tense, exhausted...
Synonyms for Dominion Published on 2011-03-11 by jeremias
rule, authority, control, dominance, domination, grasp, mastery, grip, command, jurisdiction, power, sovereignty, sway, ascendancy, pre-emin...
Synonyms for Drill Published on 2011-03-11 by jeremias
bore, penetrate, pierce, cut a hole, auger, (brace and) bit, gimlet...
Synonyms for Detect Published on 2011-03-11 by natttt
uncover, find (out), discover, locate, learn of, ascertain, determine, dig up, unearth, perceive, note, notice, identify, spot, observe, sen...
Synonyms for Disappoint Published on 2011-03-11 by ferro7
let down, fail, dissatisfy...
Synonyms for Defy Published on 2011-03-11 by kkevin
challenge, dare, face, confront, brave, stand up to, flout, brazen out, thumb one's nose at, cock a snook at, frustrate, thwart, baffle, res...
Synonyms for Distract Published on 2011-03-11 by ferro7
bewilder, confuse, confound, perplex, puzzle, discompose, befuddle, mystify, disconcert, fluster, rattle, bemuse, daze, disturb, agitate, tr...
Synonyms for Divert Published on 2011-03-11 by ferro7
switch, rechannel, redirect, change, alter, deflect, entertain, amuse, distract, interest, beguile, engage, occupy, absorb...
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