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Synonyms with I

Synonyms for Implement Published on 2011-03-14 by thomas
carry out, execute, accomplish, perform, achieve, (put into) effect, bring about, cause, fulfill, realize, utensil, tool, instrument, appara...
Synonyms for Ingredient Published on 2011-03-14 by jackson
constituent, element, part, component, factor, makings...
Synonyms for Item Published on 2011-03-14 by thomas
detail, article, point, particular, matter, thing, element, component, ingredient...
Synonyms for Integrate Published on 2011-03-14 by ferro7
combine, unite, blend, bring or put together, assemble, merge, amalgamate, join, knit, mesh, consolidate, coalesce, fuse, desegregate...
Synonyms for Invigorating Published on 2011-03-14 by ferro7
stimulating, bracing, rejuvenating, tonic, vitalizing, restorative, energizing, vivifying, enlivening, exhilarating, fresh, healthful, healt...
Synonyms for Investigate Published on 2011-03-14 by jackson
enquire or inquire into, examine, study, consider, explore, probe, look into, research, scrutinize, analyze, sift (through), winnow...
Synonyms for Interpret Published on 2011-03-12 by jeremias
explain, explicate, clear up, clarify, elucidate, illuminate, throw or shed light on, simplify, decipher, decode, define, spell out, make se...
Synonyms for Infirmity Published on 2011-03-11 by jeremias
weakness, feebleness, frailness, frailty, debility, decrepitude, sickliness, sickness, ailment, disease, malady, affliction, disorder, defec...
Synonyms for Idea Published on 2011-03-11 by hyde07
concept, conception, construct, thought, notion, plan, design, scheme, suggestion, recommendation, aim, goal, purpose, objective, object, en...
Synonyms for Impress Published on 2011-03-11 by kkevin
affect, touch, move, reach, stir, strike, sway, influence, persuade, grab, get under one's skin...
Synonyms for Influence Published on 2011-03-11 by ferro7
power, pressure, weight, sway, impact, force, effect, leverage, potency, hold, control, mastery, ascendancy, pull, clout, affect, move, chan...
Synonyms for Incline Published on 2011-03-11 by jackson
dispose, influence, persuade, predispose, make, lead, prejudice, bias, slope, pitch, grade, gradient, slant, ramp, hill, dip, descent, decli...
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