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Synonyms with T

Synonyms for Transform Published on 2011-03-12 by thomas
change, modify, transfigure, alter, transmute, metamorphose, turn into, convert, transmogrify, mutate, permute...
Synonyms for Transcribe Published on 2011-03-11 by thomas
copy, reproduce, replicate, duplicate...
Synonyms for Translate Published on 2011-03-11 by hyde07
convert, paraphrase, change, rewrite, interpret, transcribe, render, decode, decipher, metaphrase...
Synonyms for Torment Published on 2011-03-11 by hyde07
agony, wretchedness, anguish, distress, misery, pain, woe, painfulness, torture, suffering, curse, hell, torture, abuse, maltreat, mistreat,...
Synonyms for Turn Published on 2011-03-11 by jackson
change, alteration, switch, apply, put, employ...
Synonyms for Tap Published on 2011-03-11 by jeremias
cock, stopcock, pet-cock, sillcock, seacock, spigot, spout, valve, faucet, bug, eavesdrop on, wire-tap, rap, knock, dab, strike, peck, drum,...
Synonyms for Tutor Published on 2011-03-11 by jeremias
teach, instruct, coach, educate, school, train, indoctrinate, drill, enlighten, advise, direct, guide, prepare, ground...
Synonyms for Teach Published on 2011-03-11 by kkevin
instruct (in), inform (about), communicate (to), educate, guide, train, tutor, coach, enlighten, edify, indoctrinate, inculcate, instil, sch...
Synonyms for Tend Published on 2011-03-11 by natttt
be inclined or disposed, be liable or apt or likely, incline, lean, have or show or exhibit or demonstrate a tendency, favor, verge, gravita...
Synonyms for Twist Published on 2011-03-11 by natttt
distort, warp, contort, pervert, alter, change, slant, bias, color, falsify, misquote, misstate, garble, miscite, misrepresent, violate, mis...
Synonyms for Trial Published on 2011-03-11 by jeremias
try, attempt, endeavour, effort, venture, essay, go, shot, stab, fling, whirl, crack, whack, nuisance, irritation, bother, bane, annoyance, ...
Synonyms for Tilt Published on 2011-03-11 by jackson
lean, slant, incline, slope, angle, tip, heel over, pitch, list, cant, joust, tourney, tournament, meeting, tilting, engagement, encounter, ...
Synonyms for Token Published on 2011-03-11 by thomas
symbolic, emblematic, representative, souvenir, memento, keepsake, reminder, remembrance, remembrancer, coin, disc...
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