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Synonyms with Y

Synonyms for Yap Published on 2013-04-08 by jeremias
gabble, babble, blither or blather, chatter, jabber, tattle, prattle, prate, witter, natter, jaw, run on, run off at the mouth, bark, yelp...
Synonyms for Yell Published on 2012-12-18 by kkevin
shout, scream, cry, bellow, howl, screech, yowl, roar, caterwaul, squall, yelp, holler, shout, scream, bellow, howl, screech, yowl, roar, ba...
Synonyms for Yet Published on 2012-10-24 by jeremias
in the future, in time to come, later, eventually, notwithstanding, in spite of or despite it or that or the fact, still, nevertheless, but,...
Synonyms for Yielding Published on 2012-07-14 by kkevin
accommodating, docile, submissive, amenable, tractable, compliant, obedient, flexible, acquiescent, agreeable, obliging, manageable, manipul...
Synonyms for Yank Published on 2011-12-30 by jeremias
jerk, jolt, tug, wrench, snatch, hitch...
Synonyms for Young Published on 2011-04-07 by jackson
offspring, babies, issue, little ones, progeny, litter, brood, children, childish, puerile, infantile, babyish, sophomoric...
Synonyms for Youth Published on 2011-04-07 by kkevin
child, youngster, schoolchild, teenager, teen, minor, juvenile, adolescent, boy, schoolboy, stripling, young boy or man, lad, laddie, whippe...
Synonyms for Yardstick Published on 2011-04-03 by jeremias
measure, benchmark, criterion, standard, gauge, basis, touchstone, scale, exemplar...
Synonyms for Yearn Published on 2011-03-26 by kkevin
long, pine, ache, hanker, itch, hunger, thirst, crave, have a craving, desire, wish, want, fancy, prefer...
Synonyms for Yield Published on 2011-03-24 by jeremias
agree, consent, comply, concede, relent, assent, give way, accede, concur, return, production, output, revenue, takings, gate, earnings, inc...
Synonyms for Yarn Published on 2011-03-16 by jackson
thread, fibre, strand, tale, story, account, narrative, anecdote, tall tale, fable, fabrication, fiction, cock-and-bull story, whopper, fish...
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